Our Story

Triple Point Brewing Ltd was founded in November 2018 when beer enthusiasts Mike Brook, an engineer who was taking a “gap year” and his son George, a recent graduate, bought a “re-possessed” brewing plant and recruited an experienced brewing team to help them make it a success.

Our aim - to create an interesting range of new beers. Especially lagers!

Mike and George Brook

Father and son team

Why Lager?

•Sheffield water is among the best in the world for brewing lager.  In fact in purity and softness it is very similar to the water in Plzen, famous as the origin of Pilsner lager

•Ale drinkers can already choose from a great variety of interesting beers; produced by local, independent, craft brewers. Lager drinkers usually just get a choice of mass produced beers from global brands

•Our brewing plant was designed to brew lagers (although it also has a full capability for ales and craft IPAs) and we have a Master Brewer who “earned his stripes” at, among other places, Moulson Coors and Staropramen 

So, lager is our focus.  But we’ll be brewing loads of different beers.

Why Triple Point?

“it felt like the name chose us”

•In our early meetings we found ourselves repeatedly saying “there are three things we need to…”  it became a joke and we started to see “3 points…” everywhere (look out for them!) 

•We started with an idea for a logo which strongly featured triangles and alchemy (and the Science, Art and Magic of brewing - another 3 points). It got a bit too elaborate so we’ve stripped it back, but…

•We wanted to convey our focus on cold beers and we were toying with names that might do this.  The triple point of water is a major scientific datum and is fixed at0.01°C 

This all seemed like fate.  The idea stuck.  

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