Our Story

George  Brook and Michael Brook

Who We Are

In late 2018, we (Mike and George, father & son) heard about a brewery in Sheffield that was going bust. We weren’t from the industry or Sheffield. We weren’t looking to start a business and didn’t know if we could work together. But we both love beer. And we love a challenge. And a brewery!

We had to move quickly to buy the equipment from banks and liquidators and lease the building. In the middle of all this, we teamed up with Alex, a Sheffield local who had already had years of experience as a brewer and years as a Master Brewer (including at some of the best breweries in the world) and who has an infectious enthusiasm for an endless variety of beer!


We still needed a name though and it was becoming embarrassing. Until eventually it felt like a name chose us:

  • In our early meetings we found ourselves repeatedly saying “there are three things we need to…” it became a joke and we started to see “3 points…” everywhere.
  • We’d started off with an idea for a logo featuring alchemy and lots of triangles (and the Science, Art and Magic of brewing – another 3 points). It all got a bit too elaborate so we stripped it back.
  • And there were three of us.

But what we wanted was a name that conveyed our focus on cold beers. Then someone said that the triple point of water is a major scientific datum and is fixed at 0.01°C – pretty much the temperature at which we condition our beer. This all seemed like fate and the idea stuck.

If the story so far all sounds a bit haphazard, it’s because it really was! We were incredibly lucky to have some fantastic support and advice (all for free) which got us though those early days and even more lucky to find a team who share our passion for beer and who have put up with all our chaos.

There’s something very special about the Sheffield beer community!

Oh, and the beer comes first. As well as being the literal start of our story, we have used this ever since as a motto. It helps us to focus and to fight off seemingly infinite distractions. In fact, it’s the beginning and end of the story: THE BEER COMES FIRST

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