Our Story

George  Brook and Michael Brook

Who Are We?

Back in 2019, we (Mike and George) entertained the brave idea of taking on a defunct brewery in Sheffield.

Neither of us knew Sheffield or had any actual background in beer – we didn’t even know if we could work together.

But we did share a love and overwhelming passion for the craft beer industry. And we both loved a challenge.

So, when the opportunity of developing the brewery with Alex came about, the temptation was too much to resist and we signed the lease.


The Beer Came First

In the hopes that that would all come later, we started brewing the beer. The beer came first.

As someone who knew branding, I teased then: ‘We don’t know who we are. We don’t know what we are. But we do know what we’re brewing.

By the time the first beers were finally ready, we still didn’t have a brand. So, we chose simple beer names that we could write in chalk on slate tiles and attached them to hand pulls.

It stuck. We liked doing it that way. And through to today, for every new beer release, we ask (or compete for the opportunity) someone in the team to handwrite the beer name for our branding.

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