Our Latest Catharina Style Sour Beer

14th June 2023

Our Latest Catharina Style Sour Beer

If you’re looking for a thirst-quenching sour that’s uber-drinkable and loaded with light, fruity flavours, you’ll be buzzing to hear all about our latest ‘Catharina’ sour beer. Say hello to Catharina: Strawberry and Kalamansi Lime (4.5% ABV).

Brewed with summer in mind, our goal was to create the ultimate beer garden brew that you’ll love drinking on a hot, sunny day – whether you’re an avid craft beer lover or not.

And, following in the footsteps of our last peach melba-inspired Catharina, it does exactly that. People are loving it. It’s our second brew of the series this year, and the fourth in the series overall. Trust us when we say, they just keep getting better and better each time – so we can’t wait for you guys to try this one.

The Beer

A 4.5% strawberry and kalamansi lime sour beer. Vegan and gluten-free. Featuring a little bit of El Dorado hop and a lot of love from the Triple Point team. A quenching Brazilian style sour that’s gently hazy, with soft aromas and designed to refresh in the hot sun. Perfect for beer garden drinking. If you’re unsure about what a sour beer is or you haven’t tried our Catharina yet, here's everything you need to know.

What Is A Catharina-Style Beer?

Generally, sours are a type of beer known for their distinct acidic, tart, or sour taste. They don’t follow a strict brewing process, so they all vary in flavour with some being super sour, and others light and fruity. Some of the most popular sours come from Belgium, but Catharina is a Brazilian-style beer that originated in southern states, such as Saint Catarina. It’s wheat-based with fresh fruit added after the fermentation process, resulting in a fruity sensory profile that can be enjoyed pint after pint. Or can after can.

The style evolved from a strong German influence in southern Brazil, where German-style beers like Berliner Weisse were popular. Today, these types of beer are still very popular and influential (unsurprisingly).

Given how hot it is in Brazil, the main goal of a sour beer is to refresh. This is ideal because it’s getting pretty hot in UK summers too! Unlike some sour beers which can be overly sour (which we wanted to avoid), Catharina sours are typically light and carbonated, making them perfect for hot weather and beer garden drinking.


What Made Us Want To Brew A Catharina

Our head brewer spent some time in South America judging one of the world's biggest beer competitions where he was inspired by the Catharina style. When he came back and told us about it, we knew we had to brew our own version. Because no other brewery has really done it in England before – not in Sheffield. And especially not a vegan and gluten-free sour beer. We wanted to make something novel. Something refreshing to go down in our beer garden. So here we are. We kept the name nice and simple, calling it ‘Catharina’. And it bangs.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We brewed two Catharina sours last year. Strawberry and guava. And mango and passionfruit. And a peach melba one this year. Will we brew another? Probably. Watch this space. Available on our website and at beer shops across the UK. Why not try it for yourself? Shop Catharina here.


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